Warning:Read This Before Updating Your iPhone To IOS 10

Sep 14, 2016 | News And Updates

Sarthak Verma

By Sarthak Verma

Thinking of upgrading your iPhone or iPad to IOS 10? Wait, we’ve got something which might postpone your decision. The news is such that many iPhone and iPad users have reported that upgrading the software of their devices to IOS 10 have bricked their iPhones and iPads respectively. Yes, you read it right your Apple device might get bricked while updating it.

If we rely on the Twitter feeds of the users, then we can make out that the probability of getting your device bricked was significant in the early phases after the OTA(Over The Air Update) was rolled out. Some of the users wrote that the issue persisted only on their iPhone and not on their iPad while others were totally opposite.

However, we have been informed by some of our sources that Apple has fixed the issue, and now you can update your device without any problems. If you are also facing this issue with your Apple device, then you can freely contact the Customer Service, and you will be guided about how to overcome the problem, and your problem will be solved in any circumstances.

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