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Sep 16, 2016 | News And Updates

Protin Adak

By Protin Adak

Hello people, ready for the loot ? Popular gaming app and website ‘Gamentio’ is offering Amazon gift voucher just for logging in and registering through Facebook accounts (no mobile verifications/initial app download ). When you SignUp using the process below you’ll receive points which you can use to recharge or buy Amazon gift vouchers.

⦁ Click on this link : Gamentio or (  http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fgamentio.com%2F3dcasinogames%3FsharerUserId%3D7920324⦁ &⦁ h=BAQELeKHP⦁ &⦁ s=1 )
⦁ Click on Follow
⦁ Then click on Sign Up as given in the picture below and then sign up via your Facebook id


⦁ Once the sign up is complete, download the Gamentio app on your android/ios device via play store or app store
⦁ Login in the app via your Facebook account and you’ll find 200 points waiting for you. Minimum recharge payout is 250 points= Rs 25
⦁ Each referral to a friend is 500 points, so refer only four friends and you’ll receive a total of 2000+200= 2200 points which can be easily redeemed for Amazon gift vouchers of Rs 200 or mobile recharge of Rs 200.
⦁ To get your own referral link click on ‘Earn’ in the Gamentio app and then click on invite (you can invite via WhatsApp, messaging, Facebook messenger and email), advise your friend to follow this same process

Redeemable Gifts:

  • 250 points = Rs 25 (Mobile Recharge)
  • 1100 points (only 2 Facebook referrals) = Rs 110 (Mobile Recharge)
  • 2000 points (only 4 Facebook referrals) = Rs 200 (Amazon GV)
  • 5000 points (only 10 Facebook referrals) = Rs 500 (Amazon GV)
  • 2700 points = Rs 270 (Mobile Recharge)
  • 5250 points = Rs 525 (Mobile Recharge)

You can earn thousands in accordance to your Facebook friends list.
Happy Earning.


Loot Proof

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