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By Sarthak Verma

What was Project Ara?

Project Ara was a modular smartphone concept which was being developed by Google. It was a concept which was meant to have several hardware modules which could be attached to the same smartphone. Let suppose you want to buy a phone with a much bigger battery, and you do not care for the screen size so with Project Ara you can quickly place larger battery module in your smartphone. If, after few days, you feel that you need to have a slightly bigger screen and do not need the bigger battery anymore then you can easy replace modules to fulfill your requirements anytime and anywhere as it does not require any tools to change modules.It was meant to be just simply plug and play. Google’s Project Ara if would have been implemented successfully it would have been a great boom in the smartphone market.

Death of Project Ara

The dream of using modular smartphones has encountered yet another delay. The development units of the Google’s Project Ara smartphones was rumored to arrive in late 2016, but while we all were only dreaming of modular smartphones, we heard the news of the discontinuation of the Google’s project for modular smartphones. The project was managed by Google’s ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects) team. It is being said that Google has discontinued the development of the modular phone concept and it will not be released as earlier as it was expected by all the hype that was created by Google.

Reasons for cancellation of Project Ara

There is no official reason for the cancellation of Project Ara yet but it is rumored that breaking up the smartphone into several units decreases the communication speed between them and also it required more battery power which resulted in an increased overall cost of the smartphone and thus this became the reason for death of Project Ara

Future of Project Ara

It is believed that Google will not be launching the Project Ara on its own, but it can give the license to other hardware building companies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that we will be able to use a modular smartphone soon!

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Death Of Google's Project Ara

by Sarthak Verma | News And Updates

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