Get Your Amazon Prime Subscription For Free

Get Your Amazon Prime Subscription For Free

Sarthak Verma

By Sarthak Verma

What is Amazon Prime?

Hello, geeks! Today we have something which will get your jaws dropped. It is regarding the Amazon Prime. If you don’t know what it is then let us first talk about it. Amazon Prime is a service which is provided by Amazon and if you buy this service then you get the following benefits –

  • No delivery charges would be applicable on any product irrespective of its cost.
  • You will get early access to Amazon offers.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra charge for one-day or two-day delivery

How to get it?

So now as we all know what Amazon Prime is let’s come to how to get it?

Generally, you have to pay a sum of 499 INR to get Amazon Prime, but due to a glitch, you can also get it for free. Here’s how to –


  • Open Amazon’s app in your Android or IOS and log into your account.
  • Now swipe right to open the menu and click on ‘Try Prime’ option.
  • You will now land on a page displaying the features of Amazon Prime. Click on get Amazon Prime.
  • You will now see a product named ‘Amazon Prime 1 year subscription’ in your cart, and the order amount will be 499 INR.
  • Click on ‘Proceed To Checkout’ option.
  • Now it will ask for your address details. Just fill it and click on ‘Chose Payment Method.’
  • Now choose ‘Net Banking’ as the payment method.
  • Set the bank’s name to ‘State Bank Of India’ and click on ‘Proceed.’
  • You will now land on the bank’s payment gateway secure page, and it will ask for details.
  • DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING on this page and just simply press the ‘Back’ button of your phone once.
  • It will prompt to confirm to cancel the transaction.
  • Click on ‘Ok,’ and you will now land on a blank page of the Amazon app.
  • Within few seconds after you complete the above step you will receive a confirmation mail of your 1 Year subscription of ‘Amazon Prime.’
  • Voila! You’re now an Amazon Prime member.

Words Of Caution –

Note that the above-written procedure is just for educational purpose and we do not support to get Amazon Prime by this method and this method is just due to a glitch which will soon be fixed. If you want Amazon Prime Subscription, you should spend 499 INR because it is entirely worth it and your money will not be wasted.



Amazon Prime

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